Tuning Tools


Xtreme Personal Tuning Software

Now you can fine tune your vehicles SCT Dealer Custom Tune on your personal computer using SCT’s all new Xtreme Personal Tuning Software and SCT’s new XCalibrator. Adjust and fine tune:

  • Axle Ratio
  • Tire Size
  • Idle / Part Throttle / Full Throttle Air / Fuel Ratio
  • Engine Timing
  • Engine Idle
  • Automatic Transmission Shift Schedules & Firmness
  • Rev & Speed Limters Click Here to Download Now!

Switched gear ratios? Now you can select your new gear ratio and simply re-flash your vehicle. Added a Cold Air Kit? No problem, fine tune your vehicles air / fuel ratio yourself, without having to bring your vehicle back to dynotuning.com.

NOTE: Optional Programming Cable required. Please Contact the Sales Department at 707-584-8230 to you to purchase this cable.

Please contact us for an exported version of your custom tuned files.