Tuning Products


Multi – Program Flashflasher

With the release of the 2005 Mustang Custom Tuning has changed. The days of installing a chip are gone, and the new revolution in Custom Tuning has arrived. SCT’s new XCalibrator comes loaded with 3 Custom Calibrations, and retains your factory calibration for quick restoration back to stock.

Custom Chips and Tunerseliminator

SCT’s single program custom 4 Bank chip & 5 Program custom chips are specifically tuned for your 1987 – 2004 Ford car or truck. Our industry first single program custom 4 Bank & 5 Program chips dramatically IMPROVE PERFORMANCE, GAS MILEAGE, TORQUE and HORSEPOWER while IMPROVING THROTTLE RESPONSE, and eliminating the factory REV and Speed Limiters. Easily switch between Power Levels using our Dial Selector. Now available with an Anti-Theft selection to disable the PCM to eliminate vehicle theft!

SCT Raptor High Speed Data-Loggerraptor_product

SCT’s new USB Raptor ODB-II Data-Logger allows you to monitor & record all of your vehicles computer data and up to 3 external analog signals at a sampling rate of 62 samples per second. Now you can datalog both your PCM data and wideband data using the same unit!

Big Air MAF Sensorsbig_air

SCT’s new BIG-AIR Mass Air Meter may be the last MAF meter you ever buy. No more sending your meter back for recalibration, DOA meters or having to switch meters when increasing horsepower! Our 90mm ‘Suck Thru’ BIG-AIR MAF Meters support up to 825HP, will NOT PEG and are direct replacements for all 2000+ Ford Lightnings & 2003-2004 Cobra’s.