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Tuning FAQ

Common Questions About Tuning

Q: Will it void my warranty?


A: No. In some provinces & states it is illegal for a dealership to void your warranty based solely on the fact that you have installed an aftermarket product. Please check with your local dealership and verify the laws in your area.

Q: Will it damage my transmission?

A: No. In some cases, transmission operation is improved

Q: Why won’t the chip or Custom / Max Micro Tuner work on my vehicle? It’s the same motor

A: While the motor may be the same, the programming of the computer can and usually does change from one model vehicle to another and from one year to the next. If the label on the Micro Tuner states 96-03, it won’t work on an 04 model

Q Does your product require a higher grade fuel than 87 octane?

A: While some of our products give you the choice of running 87 or 91-93 octane fuel, only the use of 91- 93 octane fuel in gas powered vehicles will increase the Horsepower and Torque output

Q: Will this improve my gas mileage?

A: While we design our programs specifically for more performance, in some cases the vehicle may get better fuel mileage

Q: How difficult is this to install?

A: Most customers with minimal mechanical skills can install our products

Q: Can my vehicle be returned back to stock?

A: Yes, by either removing the chip or program setting

Q: Why does my Custom / Max Micro Tuner not come on when I plug it into the diagnostic port under the dash?

A: In most cases, this is caused by a blown fuse powering the diagnostic port. On most Fords and GM vehicles, this same fuse powers the Cigarette Lighter. On Dodge trucks, it’s the same fuse powering the radio on some, but not all

Q: Do you have all throttle point tuning?

A: Yes, we tune at all throttle positions, from idle to full

Q: Will it remove the speed limiter?

A: Yes. In most cases, but not all, this is available

Q: What type of warranty do your products carry?

A: All of our products come with a 30-day money back guarantee as well as a limited lifetime warranty if specified

Q: Can I have my Chip, or Custom Micro Tuner reprogrammed for modifications that I make in the future?

A: Yes. We offer reburns on all of our Chips, and Custom Micro Tuners. Our Custom Micro Tuners are also able to be re-programmed at any of Superchips Custom Tuning Dealers nation wide

Q: Can I load Custom Tune files into my Custom Micro Tuner that a dealer has sent me

A: Yes. Most Superchips Custom Dealers may offer to send your Custom Tune file via e-mail. In order to load the file into your Custom Micro Tuner you will need to purchase our Optional Software / Cable Kit

Q: Where is the computer located in my Ford vehicle?

A: See this page for locations…


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